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Why Choose CMS Hosting?

We are here to help you grow. This is why not only do we have high performance servers that are not over sold like others. But we are the very first web hosting company to ever report your payment history to Equifax which owns PayNet. We also report to CreditSafe.

Duns & Bradstreet, Experian and NACM are in the works. 


We Report!  Equifax -> PayNet and CreditSafe with more in the works!

Phone Systems

We are partnered with Net30 VoIP and they report!

Why do you need business credit?

Stop using cash, Stop using personal Credit.  With credit comes perks of life. Got a training to goto? If you’ve been using the Amex Hilton Business card to pay you every day invoices you could stay at Hilton Hotel for free or Maybe you have the Chase United Explorer Card so you flew to Las Vegas for free!

We also offer a free Facebook group following the paths to building business credit to help you build the business you deserve.


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Business Credit Reporting

No Credit Check - Get information about the reporting we do to your business credit report.

Our Data centers Are Located In 7 Regions

We have DNS servers, Web servers and our Mail Servers scattered across the globe to make sure your business stays connected.


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